A Delicious Mexican Getaway in Florence

Fresh margaritas in Florence

There’s a new style of entertaining in Florence and it involves a culinary escape. Paolo Dellafiore, co-owner of The Food Studio invited me for a night of Mexican delight a few months back.

As soon as I walked into The Food Studio it felt like a party. I arrived with Nicco and we were instantly greeted with friendly smiles from strangers. There was a margarita bar in the front room—YES!—where we all mingled for an hour before being escorted to the back room.

The dining room was filled with decorations and beautifully dressed table settings. This night was Mexican cuisine, but check their schedule of events for all types of experiences. Besides large dinners like this, which is a great way to meet locals, they also offer cooking classes by incredible chefs.

The Food Studio Mexican food in Florence

Mexican food in Florence
Frijoles con queso, something I’ve been missing in Florence
Mexican food in Florence
Homemade tamales, reminds me of home in Miami

The typical Mexican food in Florence desperately needed some help, so it’s great to see young foodie-preneurs take over the food scene in town. Italian food is amazing, but trust me, after a year your palette will need some diversity!

Check out The Food Studio at Via dell’Ardiglione, 39r in Oltrarno.

What food do you miss most when abroad?

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  • Oh, how I miss Mexican food! We have a place in my ‘hood that does an international night. It wasn’t exactly Mexican, but it scratched the itch! I think I’ll try my hand at some Italian salsa and gauc this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration! Ciao ciao!

  • We’re having a big bbq in Jackson tonight and I am making a 10 avocado guac, can’t wait!

  • Fabulous looking food and place! Love the photos!

  • Ya, it’s the perfect alternative to a restaurant, totally unique experience with different cuisine.

  • Excellent! The tamales look delicious. I didn’t see any other Mexican in Florence. Great to see other cuisines popping up in Florence. I was really surprised to find some amazing Chinese places there too.

  • Wow this place looks delicious! I love Mexican food!

  • Wow this place looks delicious! I love Mexican food!