Welcome to a photography project I started when living in Florence, Italy from 2011 to 2014. It’s all about grandmas & grandpas of Italy (and beyond). It has been featured on many sites and publications, but my biggest fangirl moment was when Instagram featured it! Tag #notmynonni of older family & strangers. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

  • Not my nonne are plotting out their weekend from the
  • Not my nonno is shopping for his granddaughters 14th birthday
  • Not my nonna is taking her mother out to an
  • Not my nonni are walking around their neighborhood to move
  • Not my nonna is getting ready for her nieces 52nd
  • Its Friday! And on Fridays not my nonna stocks up
  • Not my nonno is trying to convince his friend about
  • Not my nonna is grabbing yesterdays laundry before she starts
  • Not my nonni had an amazing vacation in Sicily and
  • Not my nonna is doing the most clich thing Heating
  • Not my nonna is seeing if her sister wants to
  • Guess what not my nonno is up to today?! notmynonni