How Coffee In Florence Just Got Better (video)

written by Tiana Kai

You would assume Italy makes the best coffee in the world. You would assume this especially if you’re Italian. Well, I’ve heard that coffee in Italy is not always up to par as we think it is.

I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I turn into a total coffee snob when I drink coffee back in the States.

Bleeegh, four dollars for this bland thing!?

Living in Italy has changed my taste buds for the better, or the worst depending on how you look at it. I’m now more sensitive to crappy food and since the food and coffee is so flavorful in Italy it’s hard to eat mediocre food and drink mediocre coffee.

I assumed like any other good expat in Italy that Italy’s where it’s at for coffee. And it is, it’s just that some bars serve overly roasted burnt coffee and we all assume it’s good. WRONG. Maybe I don’t know the difference. I’m pretty good at judging the quality of olive oil, but as long as coffee is not instant coffee or bland over priced coffee then I usually like it.

In comes the coffee god, or you can just call him Francesco.

Francesco Sanapo is a three time Barista Champion, serious heavy weight champ of the coffee bean in all forms—from the selection, to the roast, serving and consumption. He knows his craft and has blessed us all with far superior coffee that my tastebuds wish that we lived closer to his coffee bar in downtown Florence—Ditta Artigianale.

Check out Francesco’s coffee blog where he shares his coffee trips from around the world.

New Spot for Coffee in Florence {Ditta Artigianale}

Cappuccino in Florence

Now thanks to Francesco, the locals in Florence have a cool, hipster-like, Brooklyn-washed, coffee bar all for ourselves. It’s a regular watering hole for most of my friends and it has been extremely popular with tourists too. Why is it so amazing?

1. It’s pretty. The ambiance is just what you’d expect from a cool little hipster bar. The seat covers are made with coffee bags and the decor is minimal and bright. Since it’s on a corner, there are massive windows that are always open letting in the most welcoming breeze.

Coffee Bars in Italy

One of the many little nooks.

2. It’s good. First and foremost things that are popular should be good, not like a new fad that drives everyone and their mother insane. Francesco’s coffee lab is out of the city and it’s where he hand-selects all the incredible coffee just for us, ensuring high quality in each cup.

Coffee Bar in Florence Ditta Artigianale

Francesco, three time Barista Champion.

3. Jump. That’s the name of Ditta Artigianale’s house coffee. It’s a blend from Brazil, Guatemala and El Salvador. It’s good, a bit different from what I’m used to. They recommend not adding sugar first—taste the true flavor of the coffee and then decide if it needs a pinch. A shot of this runs 1.50€, so .50€ more than a typical coffee at other local bars. It’s a fun name and tastes a bit sweeter than other roasts in town.

From Where I Stand Coffee in Florence

This bike’s always in from of Ditta, it belongs to one of the baristas.

4. Location, location, location. I took an Instagram friend around Florence last week and we walked through Piazza della Signoria and sat down for a panino and Prosecco at none other than All’Antico Vinaio. When we were ready for a jolt of Jump, we just had to hobble half a block and there it was. The coffee haven. It’s also across from Gelateria dei Neri and close to the Arno River and Santa Croce. It’s like real estate perfection!

Cappuccino Coffee in Florence Ditta Artigianale

5. WIFI! I’m afraid to say that it may be hard to leave once you sit your butt down and open your laptop. I worked at Ditta Artigianale for an hour before I had a business meeting there and I was wondering when they would throw me out. The place is spacious, with an extra room in the back, so you can probably get a few rounds of coffee and have lunch there while working, why the hell not?

Coffee in Florence

Lunch was a caprese croissant, and a good croissant at that!

6. They serve real food, not just panini! If you live in Italy then you would love this fact too. I’m getting so sick of panini at bars. It’s like my American brain is still wired to crave granola, yogurt and fruit or a plate of hummus or eggs. Well, Ditta Artigianale has a great brunch menu from 10AM-4PM with French toast, croque-monsieur, omelette, etc… just take a look at Kiki’s shot of when we had brunch a while back! They also serve tapas from 7-10PM.

Brunch and Coffee in Florence Italy

7. More than espresso. Their coffee menu is like no other. They have this crazy amazing cold brewed coffee that takes hours to make—it’s Summer perfection in a glass. It’s not quite like a Caffè Shakerato, but just as light and refreshing…and quality flavor. Besides the interesting ways you can have your coffee they also have an endless gin menu called Ginspiration with over 40 types of gin. OMG call me a cab after that!

Iced Coffee in Florence Bar Ditta Artigianale

A new summer fav: cold pressed coffee with a splash of ginger ale and a slice of ginger.

Some people have complained about the non-bubbly service, but we are still in Florence. They warm up after a while and don’t forget this is not an American bar, so don’t expect them to misspell your name on a paper cup and yell at you when it’s ready. They serve each cup efficiently and in porcelain cups, as it should be. This is Italy my dear.

Hungry for more, then check out the two day foodie guide!


Ditta Artigianale Coffee in Florence Tuscany

What’s your favorite type of coffee, are you an espresso or cappuccino lover? Any weird concoctions you can share like my cold pressed coffee with ginger ale?

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Kaley July 17, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Ah, the coffee in Italy was so good. People are always talking about café in Spain, but in general it’s not that great. I’m a big café con leche (caffe latte in Italian?) person, but this summer I’ve been into cold-brewed iced coffee! Yum.

Tiana Kai July 18, 2014 at 10:53 am

I love café con leche! I always get that in Miami as I drink more cappuccinos in Italy, but ya the cold-brewed is my new favorite thing!

Becky Padmore July 18, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I’m not a huge coffee fan but I was definitely quite partial to it in Italy!

Tiana Kai July 18, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Oh, I can’t live without the taste of coffee! Maybe you can stick to just having espresso in tiramisu, that’s always good 😉

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Peter Jon Witton September 14, 2014 at 12:53 am

You are so right. Americans do not know how to make coffee. It is a wonder with so many Italians living in America.

Tiana Kai September 14, 2014 at 11:05 pm

Ya, many assume Starbucks is the only way.

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