6 Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole, Bring The Kids

written by Tiana Kai
Persephone Best Restaurant Jackson Hole

Let me say that my nieces are adorable, but picky! The 11 year old hates onions and any dish with more than three ingredients, while the 6 year old is allergic to shellfish. So, their reviews—plus mine—will be helpful to any kid feasting at the best restaurants in Jackson Hole with their parents in tote.

Don’t let the pickiness deter you, as they have mighty fine taste buds and the expression on their faces when they hit a jackpot dish is… priceless.

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6 Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole {for the Kiddos}

Here’s a round-up of their absolute favorite places to eat and why.

Café Genevieve

Cafe Genevieve Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

I indulged in a Bloody Mary and huevos con chile verde

Cafe Genevieve Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

Each kid always orders their own waffle and berries

Nothing makes my two nieces happier than telling them we’re off to Café Genevieve. I personally love this place because of the incredible huevos con chile verde brunch item.

As for the girls, they both order and destroy the Belgian Waffles. They soak them in Vermont Maple Syrup, slop on whipped cream and sprinkle fresh berries as a grand finale. Et Voila! They’re huge and delicious. Maybe you can sip on a mighty Bloody Mary while the kids take their time eating every last bite? It’s one of the best I’ve had in town.

The Spur

Whether it’s ski season or time for a hike, The Spur is their favorite place for a break from the day’s activities. What do they absolutely have to order each time? The sweet potato fries and skyscraper-tall nachos. As for me, I love this place—the vibe of the crowd and staff plus the decor is western-swank. I love it.

It’s the perfect restaurant/bar to meet up with friends who have kids, so when they’re done eating they can run to the small kids room by the entrance and keep themselves busy while you move on to that Pakos IPA.

Persephone Bakery

Persephone Bakery Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

Teatime at Persephone in Jackson Hole

The great thing about Persephone is that—besides the most charming interior in Jackson—they serve breakfast and lunch until 3pm. Score. I tend to find myself here alone with my laptop carrying about and perhaps eavesdropping on the many interesting conversations while sipping a strong Caffè Americano.

As for my nieces, they go cray cray here. Whether we pass by for a macaroon treat or sit and indulge in a late brunch— it definitely puts them in a great mood. Some of the menu faves are the croque madame, bread pudding french toast topped with mascarpone cream and THE MOST incredible grilled cheese which comes with a side of homemade tomato soup (check out the first image of the article). It’s all so good and the ambiance is dreamy.

Pinky G’s

If I ever go to Pinky G’s without my nieces they’ll kill me. It’s a grown-up pizzeria joint that stays open late and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a live band. The girls love this place because of the pizza. Pesto-based pizza or tomato-based pizza, they eat it all. Their pickiness factor drops major points when we eat here.

The vibe is cool and casual, and most importantly it’s louder than other places so let the kids loose. Since Pinky G’s sits a ways back from the road in the Town Square, the kids can play outside and burn off some energy.

The Bunnery

The Bunnery, Best Restaurants in Jackson Hole

The coziness of The Bunnery makes for a perfect family breakfast spot. The girls love the friendly staff and toys they pass out to keep them busy. This helps when you’re trying to keep two sisters from fighting about who sits where and other fun sibling issues.

The basic eggs and bacon are always a winner, but what really makes this place one of the best is their incredible O.S.M. mix. Standing for oatmeal, sunflower and millet, this mix is a signature of theirs that they use in their bread, pancakes and waffles. You can order these items with a more standard batter, but I would refrain from doing so. The O.S.M. pancakes will make everything in life better. 

The Noodle Kitchen

Noodle Kitchen Best Restaurant in Jackson Hole

Great happy hour with a fountain running down the back wall

What kid doesn’t like noodles? Noodle Kitchen is a perfect spot for the pickiest of eaters, since they can build their own noodle bowl from a choice of six different noodles. They’ll get their carbs, greens and protein in one fell swoop.

Order your spicy dish without worrying about the kids. They’ll be more than happy with some edamame, lettuce wraps and dumplings before they slurp up their noodle bowl. The best part of the meal though is dessert. Go ahead and order a nice cold sake while the kids get the most killer treat. I present you the Apple and Cinnamon Crêpe. Imagine fried wontons filled with apples and cinnamon topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel and cinnamon. So good!

Have you been to Jackson, what’s your favorite restaurant in the Wild West?

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