Update on Instagram Stories

written by Tiana Kai

After spending lots of time on Instagram Stories, I’ve noticed a few things…

Brands are having fun with their audiences. I’ve learned that Airbnb has a badass office and even cooler conference rooms inspired by locations across the world. Thanks to Lululemon, I’m reminded to take a deep breathe and take a second for myself.

My goal is to create fun and interesting IG stories for the brands I run—there are so many inspiring ways to utilize this update. Some quick tips:

  • Share more
  • Change up the angles/play with filters
  • Share more
  • Be honest
  • Share more
  • Entertain

The beauty of “live” video is that it reminds us that the quality of the screen/props does not hold a candle to the quality of the content. Be useful or be entertaining or both.

*Check out the challenges and benefits of Instagram Stories.

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