Update on Instagram Stories

After spending lots of time on Instagram Stories, I’ve noticed a few things…

Brands are having fun with their audiences. I’ve learned that Airbnb has a badass office and even cooler conference rooms inspired by locations across the world. Thanks to Lululemon, I’m reminded to take a deep breathe and take a second for myself.

My goal is to create fun and interesting IG stories for the brands I run—there are so many inspiring ways to utilize this update. Some quick tips:

  • Share more
  • Change up the angles/play with filters
  • Share more
  • Be honest
  • Share more
  • Entertain

The beauty of “live” video is that it reminds us that the quality of the screen/props does not hold a candle to the quality of the content. Be useful or be entertaining or both.

*Check out the challenges and benefits of Instagram Stories.

Tiana Kai

Life in Florence for three years has made quite an impression! I'm so grateful for living in Europe and getting to experience as much as possible. I'm currently traveling around Jackson Hole, Wyoming since I tend to hit the mountains every winter! LIKE what you read? Great, head over to your right and subscribe!