Seven Things I Learned Today

Well, really yesterday, but who’s counting?

I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show. He interviewed Seth Godin back in February 2016 and here are my take aways. I’m trying to play catch-up with Tim’s shows… so many and so great.

Thanks Seth

  1. Don’t be obedient.
  2. Be a leader.
  3. Read, or rather listen to these audio books: Zig Ziglar‘s How To Stay Motivated, War of Art, just to name a few.
  4. I need to read more of Seth’s books.
  5. Send more thank you notes. I love thank you notes and staying in touch through letters rather than text, but it’s something I can do more of.
  6. You are more powerful than you think you are.
  7. Write ever day. Well, I stopped writing on my own blog for a long time. Having left a few things, like Italy and my husband, but also my busy new life in Oregon which has been fulfilling and much needed.

I’m learning to take a few morsels from each podcast, if not, I get COS. Content Overload Syndrome. Ya, I should write a post about that one day.

Until tomorrow?

Tiana Kai

Life in Florence for three years has made quite an impression! I'm so grateful for living in Europe and getting to experience as much as possible. I'm currently traveling around Jackson Hole, Wyoming since I tend to hit the mountains every winter! LIKE what you read? Great, head over to your right and subscribe!