Is It Too Late For Resolutions..?! How About Exploring Tuscany!

written by Tiana Kai
Certaldo Alto in Tuscany

Ya, lose weight, eat better, yadda yadda. First off who makes resolutions anymore? Secondly who makes resolutions that actually get played out?

I haven’t made a resolution, huh, probably ever. At least not a serious one with some foresight and drive involved, more like wishful thinking.

My Resolution…

This year  I opened my big mouth on Instagram  and shared my resolution for 2014.

My resolution is to get out of Florence and discover more of Tuscany. Since I like a challenge and since I love to be overly overwhelmed with to-do’s, work, projects, life, etc. I thought why not see more of what’s right in my backyard.

Living in Florence sounds all exciting and romantic, and it is don’t get me wrong, BUT there’s a whole other world just outside. The world that others dream about and swoon over. That is Tuscany.

Now although many tourists have no clue that Tuscany is a region that Florence lives and breaths in, the word ‘Tuscany’ draws up muted hills and Chianti wine more than the duomo. Many times I’ll hear people visiting Florence tell me “I’m going to Tuscany tomorrow!” Huh, well, that’s awesome because you’re already IN Tuscany sweetheart.

I get it, Florence is so famous that people may think that it’s its own thing. So although I live IN Tuscany I want to see more OF Tuscany! Medieval towns, vineyards, storybook landscapes, I want it all.

The Best of Tuscany Resolution

I took myself up on this challenge and just got back from my first adventure!

I went to Certaldo for a night and stayed at Il Castello (loved it!) and then explored Colle Val D’Elsa and Monteriggioni.

Certaldo has been ringing in my ears for a while. I never knew much about it, just that it was a beautiful walled city up in Tuscany. Guess what?! It’s 50 minutes from my house. So hard to believe! My next post will be about that little ‘staycation.’

This weekend I’m off for more exploring…Maremma is next! I’ll be joining Katja—from Map It Out Tuscany, or you may know her as @AnythingTuscan—to take a peek into her life and have some fun trekking through the countryside. Check out her beautiful blog filled with great tips and unbelievable photography!

My #bestoftuscany list

Yup, there’s a hashtag for this resolution of mine, so follow along on Twitter and Instagram. So far here’s my must-see list! What would you recommend? Any specific tips!?

Colle Val D’Elsa
Cinigiano, Maremma
Castiglione della Pescaia
Massa Marittima

I didn’t realize that I’ve already seen a lot of Tuscany, but now it’s time to see the other side of Tuscany! So far I’ve been to Lucca, Pisa, San Miniato, Val D’Orcia, Montalcino, Fiesole, San Gimignano, Castellina in Chianti, San Piero a Sieve, Scarperia, Siena, Arezzo, Carrara, Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Pedona, Forte di Marmi and Grosseto. Who knows, I may repeat a few of these! Any favorites?

Your turn!

So, I challenge you, ya YOU! Get out of your house, get out of your city and explore.

Life’s too short to not wander, to not get lost, to not see things with your own eyes. Tweet it

When people talk about a place something burns inside me and jolts me to see it for myself. I don’t like to read about places, I prefer to feel them and to experience them.

What place are you dying to see this year?

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Jodee Weiland January 24, 2014 at 7:32 pm

Sounds wonderful! You’re very lucky. I have been to Florence, and I loved it, especially my visits to the Tuscany region. Enjoy!

Tiana Kai January 24, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Florence is pretty amazing, but it will be nice to make more of an effort to explore so many great places around me, can’t wait! Thanks!

Becky Padmore January 25, 2014 at 12:31 am

Your beautiful photos make me wish we were still there!

Tiana Kai January 26, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Thanks! Would be great to meet you guys in a place as beautiful as Tuscany!

Annette | Bucket List Journey January 25, 2014 at 12:53 am

It’s never too late for a resolution like that! This year I am trying to explore more of San Francisco. It is so close, yet I still take it’s beauty for granted!

Tiana Kai January 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm

It’s amazing how much easier it is to get on a plane than to explore your own neighborhood or surroundings to the maximum. It’s a fun challenge and I am dying to learn more about this incredible region!

Emily N January 29, 2014 at 5:30 pm

What about Siena?

Tiana Kai January 29, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Thanks for chiming in Emily! I love Siena. I’ve been 2-3 times and wouldn’t mind going back once I see more of the unknown.

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