6 stress-free tips when flying Ryanair

written by Tiana Kai
Flying Ryanair cheap flights in europe

Have you flown with the dreaded Ryanair? Well, I gave in yesterday and flew with them for the first time. Expectations were lower than low and when you have low expectations you can only go up. Here’s what I learned in order to not be pissed off before I reached my destination.

6 tips to keep you calm on Ryanair


Let’s be clear I’m not preaching that you should be flying Ryanair, I’m just giving my personal opinion on one flight, my first flight. With such low expectations I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so I showed up prepared and I was fine. Will I fly with them again? I have no idea.

So, let’s get to the tips that kept me from having a complete breakdown.

1. Don’t over pack

Once I booked my flight I reserved a checked bag knowing that I would need two bags for my 30 day road trip. Ya it sucked paying for it, but once I purchased it it was out of my mind. I was able to relax and not be paranoid of getting stuck paying more fees at the airport.

I actually packed better too! Flying on Ryanair made me reconsider 5 unnecessary articles of clothing, one being way too bulky. I felt more relieved traveling with less, making my life easier when I’ll have to unpack and pack every other day while on the road.

2. Expect lines

Ryanair linesLine checking in at Turin Airport

People were complaining in line at check-in about the line. After annoying me for ten minutes I butted in and said “Well, it’s Ryanair, it’s not surprising, no?” I mean, doesn’t everyone know that Ryanair has the worst reputation? Why would anyone have high standards if they’re infamous for being awful? Expect lines and wait, what else can you do? It’s like getting mad at a gerbil for not being able to fly.

3. Print your boarding pass

Oops! You silly rabbit, you forgot to print your boarding pass? No fret. For the ridiculously low amount of 70€ Ryanair will print it out for you and make you eat that fee.

Don’t like it, then buy a printer and print it at home. I myself don’t have a printer nor have had one since high school so I had to print my boarding pass at the hotel I was staying at. Luckily, it is said that this fee will be reduced in the future.

4. Reserves a seat

Ryanair's reserved seats

If you’re really going to die from waiting in line and you want to get on board first, then suck it up and reserve a seat when you check-in online. I reserved a front row window seat for 10£ and was stress-free. So, if waiting in line is going to affect your day then reserve, if not, read number 2 again.

5. Buy food & water before boarding

We all know that they charge for everything and may even charge to use the loo in the future!! Imagine that, paying to pee like in McDonalds at the Turin train station.

With that said, buy water and a snack after you pass security. I really have no idea why people still insist on a free bag consisting of four overly salted peanuts. I prefer a real sandwich from the bar at the airport and a large bottled water.

6. Look outside

Fluffy clouds

Ok, so you’ll be in line for about 40min before you get in your seat. If there’s a window look outside and plan your day and think of what you’ll do when you land. Relax, breathe, calm down, the wait will soon be over and you’ll land and hug and kiss your loved ones soon enough.

Once on the plane, look out again. You’ll probably be thinking “Why the hell didn’t I reserve a seat? Those bums up front look so happy and comfortable!” To avoid this jealous rage daydream out the window.

My only complaint: the plane was freezing even with winter leggings, boots and a fleece jacket.

I enjoyed my flight, but any airline that sells smokeless cigarettes on board has a problem.

What’s your experience with Ryanair? Be honest! 

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Becky Padmore August 30, 2013 at 4:41 pm

I flew to Dublin a few times with Ryanair quite a few times and I never had any problems. Although saying that it was about 12 years ago and I know the service has changed a lot since then!

Tiana Kai August 30, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Good to know! When I was a student in Italy ten years ago *cough cough* I remember wanting to try them out because my friends flew with them. For my first experience they weren’t as bad as I had imagined!

Cat of Sunshine and Siestas August 30, 2013 at 4:47 pm

I flew on Ryanair yesterday, too! Much as I hate them, I recognize that, if I choose to fly with them, I can’t complain about them. I actually laugh at the little horn toot when you get in early to your destination because, hey! We said the flight was 2hrs when it’s really an hour fifteen! My boyfriend is a pilot and makes me swear not to use them…but I do. Oops, sorry Kike.

Tiana Kai August 30, 2013 at 11:30 pm

Ya, I’ve heard awful stories about how their pilots are over worked, so are tired. I’ve heard that about other airlines too, so don’t really know. I should investigate a little further.

Kaley September 23, 2013 at 9:48 am

If I loveeeeed traveling and traveled all the time like some people, I would use them. But I’m done with them now! I’m sort of a worrier, so it’s better for me not to have to stress out about extra charges and picking a seat and all that jazz.

Tiana Kai September 26, 2013 at 1:08 am

No kidding, extra charges are NO fun! I’ve heard many people like Ryanair (or at least don’t mind them) because they’re cheap and these ‘people’ know what to do to prepare, meaning that they pack very light.

It was my first go with them this time. I’m more of a train gal, but that’s because I’m used to hanging around in Italy.


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