Bungee jumping off the highest city in Europe (video)

written by Tiana Kai
bungee jumping in France - Briancon in the French Alps

Bungee jumping in Briançon

Bungee jumping in the Alps was not in this summer’s plan. I thought I would be white water rafting and hiking, not free falling. The French apparently had something else in mind for me. 

Bungee jumping in Briançon, France

The Bridge—Pont D'AsfeldPont d’Asfeld, the jumping off point

I just spent two nights in Briançon, France less than an hour from the Italian border. With more than 11k inhabitants it’s said to be the highest ‘city’ in Europe scaling at 1,326 meters.

The morning of the jump I heard French croissants calling me from across the street. I had no choice but to venture out to the center’s boulangerie.

There happened to be a market going on filled with dreamy cheese and hot rotisserie chicken trying to keep me away from my croissants. I trucked on, that is until I saw Lucho.

The coolest Frenchman in Briançon

My new friendLucho, a well tanned Frenchman, was standing on the side with stacks of flyers on a table. He saw me meandering around his table, so he asked “bungee?”

Oh, no no Lucho, why don’t we start with a “bonjour” or a “rafting trip” first. He just went right into it. He mans the bungee jumping in Briançon off Pont d’Asfeld, so was happy to sign people up with no regret of side tracking their croissant run. Hmmm, chocolate filled, buttery croissants.

“Ok, bungee! What time? How much? Where?” I stuttered. My french is limited, so I speak like a caveman in english when trying to speak french. Alliance Française from the 90’s really helped me out apparently.

He grinned, “Today at 5 for 70 euro. We are up over there.” Pointing up the hill in the old part of town. Done, I took the flyer and went to do some damage at the boulangerie.

Cold feet before the jump

A kiss goodbye

Hours later my husband and I trekked up to the old fortified part of town where Lucho was waiting with a smile along with his bungee crew.

I was so nervous—my stomach was a wreck! My husband knew I wanted to jump, so he pretended he was excited about the idea to help pump me up.

Ah cold feet! I wanted to walk around to distract myself, so we took a spin around town again, got water, took pictures… it was time to jump and Nicco was there to remind me that it was now or never!

Bungee jumping off Pont D’Asfeld

I returned to a patient Lucho and a group of French on-lookers waiting to hear the screams from the next victim, moi.

Lucho strapped me in the harness and said “Don’t look down. Un, deux, trois, go!”

My body somehow lifted itself and propelled forward. I screamed as if someone was attacking me. It was a force that just came out and I couldn’t control it.

The flight was incredible! My cheeks hurt from the smiling and giggling once the screams subsided. I fell 190 feet, that’s about 19 stories.

Un. Deux. Trois. Go!

Now, into the Durance River

Bouncing back up!

Hanging around in my hotpants

Close to the Durance River

I was lowered onto a matt over the Durance River rocks. The Joker smile was plastered on my face. I wanted to go again! If it wasn’t for the 70€ and the hike all the way up I may have gone.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I see how it’s such an addiction and now that I’m totally pro I can check out the world’s highest bungee jumps.

INFO: Check out Adrenaline bungee’s site and their Facebook page.

PHOTOS: Most of the photos in the post were purchased from Sofi Loir for an extra 25€. She photographs sports and nature and is based in Briançon. 

Have you jumped off anything? Would you ever?

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Becky Padmore August 4, 2013 at 10:38 am

You’re so brave I like the thought of doing something like this but not sure if I’d ever go through with it! Love the photos by the way!

Tiana Kai August 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm

It was the most conflicting moment of my life to be honest! I wanted to, then didn’t, then wanted to, then thought I was crazy. Once you have the harness on you just have to go through with it. It was the best thing ever, highly recommend it!

Tania Kuybida August 7, 2013 at 6:33 pm

crazy crazy crazy girl!

Tiana Kai August 7, 2013 at 9:44 pm

You should do it! Next summer we can go together!

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