Run for Boston: Pisa, Italy

written by Tiana Kai
run for boston

The tragedy that hit Boston this week has clearly been felt around the world.

As I started my ‘Play Your Tuscany’ blogging tour this evening I spotted a large group of runners passing me over the Arno River in Pisa. One guy sporting a ‘Run For Boston’ flyer on his shirt.

Being away from the States makes me feel disconnected at times (or all the time). When tragedies like shooting and now bombings are happening back ‘home’ I just reflect in solitude and respond to Facebook updates made by friends in the U.S.

Seeing this running group supporting an event in another country reminded me how small the world really is. The devastation has affected so many.

I am proud of all my friends back in Miami who ran for Boston. The camaraderie and passion makes me want to get back into running.

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