Best way to eat banana bread

written by Tiana Kai

Banana Bread Recipe

Now that the banana bread (recipe here) is ready it’s time to eat it. Well, not so fast…

I’ve served it to Nicco and myself a few ways and we’ve learned that the best way to eat banana bread is:

  • next morning
  • toasted
  • scoop of whipped Fage yogurt with honey
  • sprinkle of berries
  • side of caffè latte

Buongiorno to you!

I need to start baking some typical Italian dishes, but this was amazing.

What American dishes can you not live without?

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Liz Knight November 5, 2012 at 12:54 am

Hard to think of what I can’t live without, because all of these are things that, even in the States, I only have once in a while. Yet, I love them and need them, even if not often:
-Banana Bread (grrrrrrl…)
-Pancakes with real syrup
-Loaded Baked Potatoes
-All Tex Mex, but mostly just simple tacos
-Bacon, crispy, American-style
-Bagels (various flavors, from cinnamon raisin to onion) with cream cheese (also various flavors) or Lox/onions/capers!
-Donuts (various flavors, esp. chocolate cake)
-American-style birthday cake
-LOTS of American cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats, Lucky Charms. This is the only one on this list that I eat every day in the states. Sometimes twice.

I might get in trouble for this, but I think American BAKERY ITEMS are better than Italian. Almost everything else is better in Italy, but I think American desserts are superior. I’ll take a warm brownie or cheesecake any day over panna cotta or a fruit crostata. Now, antipasti, primi and second? Better here 🙂

Tiana Kai November 5, 2012 at 1:21 am

Oh yes, Mexican, that’s right! 🙂
I’m with you on the birthday cakes, like a cheap Publix cake with a tall glass of cold milk!
You’ve got me dreaming of cheesecake and key lime pie now!

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