Happy Anniversary Week to me!

This week marks our two month anniversary, hip hip hooray for us! We planned a beautiful wedding in only five weeks! So, besides romantic dinners to celebrate our union, I decided to turn this into an anniversary week where I will be writing about our wedding in Fiesole, Tuscany. It’s my favorite area overlooking Florence, an old, romantic Etruscan town.

Wedding Planning in Italy, in 9 Parts:

  1. Legal Paperwork
  2. Planner & Reverend
  3. Location, Decorations & Music
  4. Photographer
  5. Dress Drama
  6. Food & Wine
  7. Cake
  8. Flowers, Hair & Makeup
  9. DIY Vintage Announcement Cards

Coming from Miami, a city of 5 million plus, I thought I would easily navigate through the Planning Industry here in Florence. However, I soon realized that if you don’t know anyone personally, the chances of getting anything done (and at the right cost) can be pretty slim. It was frustrating, but I learned a lot along the way… to always have my Italian husband do the talking.

I can’t wait to share, so stay tuned everyday this week.

  • thanks Myrna Colon 🙂 it has been a fun two months so far.

  • Very happy for you & Nicco. Looking forward to see pictures and some day meet Prince charming. Los quiero mucho.

  • What a fantastic picture!

  • Thanks Rafael Gerardo Magana and my homegirl Frances Pabon xo

  • anytime boo!

  • Aimee Castro

    Love the picture and can’t wait to read more about the wedding!

  • Tiana Kai

    Thanks Aimee! It was quite a ride to plan it in 5 weeks… fun and nuts! I will post 1-2 a day this week about our Tuscan Wedding. 🙂

  • MOM

    Ur pics just keep getting better and better!:)

  • Tiana Kai

    Thanks ‘MOM’! This pic is the only one I can’t take credit for. The photographers were amazing. I am hoping to get more this week to include in future posts.

  • Mom 2 mamacita

    I say the same thing your real Mama says! see how alike we think ? just started reading
    this and my ears are complaining that my smile does not fit. You are lucky I downloaded all
    of the pics from your wedding and Italy on time, since they stole our camera on Sunday…
    right outside our KB casita… xoxo

    OK Ill be back

  • Tiana Kai

    i know Mamacita. thank you for sending the pics over. i will be posting a new one in a few hours…i need to find a strong wifi spot. 🙂 the joys of italy!

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