Paragliding off Pisa (Video)

My husband turned 31 a few weeks ago and I didn’t see any better way to celebrate than jumping off a hilltop. Luckily, he agreed. It was his first time paragliding (parapendio) and my second. My first jump was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, unforgettable.

We found paragliding instructors who regularly jump off a 500 meter/1,640 foot hilltop in a small town on the edge of Pisa for 100euros a jump. It was a hot day with decent wind and butterflies in our stomaches.

Once strapped in, we kissed each other good-bye and literally ran downhill with our own instructor glued behind us until the parachute filled up with air and carried us up. Our instructors sailed us up from thermal to thermal, raising us to 680 meters/2,230 feet. What a ride and view. Nicco and I waved ferociously at each other from a far distance with our legs dangling off the seated harness.

Things to keep in mind

  • request acrobatic maneuvers, we did a spiral and wing over
  • if you easily get nauseated or vertigo, do not request acrobatic maneuvers
  • there could be days of too high or too low winds, which are too extreme to fly in, so go as soon as there is good wind
  • bring a camera, so you don’t get charged extra for photos or videos taken by the instructor – these pix were taken with my own camera
  • wear sunscreen, since the ride can be 30-50 minutes long
  • wear something comfortable, sunglasses and running shoes
  • have fun!

It was a great thing to do on a slow summer day. I highly recommend it wherever you are… even better to do it abroad, giving you an understanding for the unfamiliar terrain.

If you could paraglide anywhere, where would it be?


    Africa! so you can see all the animals running around below… hopefully the instructor can land far away from them so they don’t follow you and eat you.. lol

  • Off Mt. Everest.

  • tianakai

    good one! next family vacay!

  • tianakai

    ha, that is a good one…maybe at sunset to see all the pretty lights. i wonder if you can somehow land in a cage.

  • i heart your blog 😉

  • Adriana Garcia you are so sweet. thanks!! it has been fun writing it!

  • Mom did this, it was amazing. Hope u guys enjoyed it. Baci baci baciiiiiiiii.

  • Leana Cianfoni where did she do it? you should next time you are in Rome…just drive up and visit. xo

  • My boyfriend has been tryin to get me to sky dive …. Idk! But it’s awesome when you share adventures together

  • Bethany Abbott Riportella you have to!! that is the one thing i haven’t done yet…besides swim in a cage with sharks around me. 😉

  • Sky dive WAS on mu bucket list along with white water rafting (which I love) & Bungee! However, I have done bungee jumping but was WASTED when I did it the 1st time – the 2nd time… I tried… But after random there about 12-13 mins & counting down like 2 dozen times – I started to have a panic attack! Couldn’t do it!! I hear it’s actually less realistic therefore easier to jump out of a plane but idk… Sharks… I’ve been in open ocean & followed one… Haha does that count?

  • ha, drunk bungee…you should start a blog of your own! i would totally subscribe. 🙂 And open water can count if you saw a shark! I only saw a turtle poop infront of my buddy, awesome.

  • We were in Solda in the mountains back in the 90s, I will ask momz.

  • Mom

    Off Mt Everett. I’m IN (Vivi too I bet!!!)

  • Jackson Hole – it doesn’t get better than that.

  • tianakai

    there you go. mt. everest it is!

  • Debbie Castillo jackson was amazing, 4,000 foot drop! plus i hear the skiing is ok ;p

  • anonymous

    you should definitely do it with him. in fact, you should share lifetime of adventure together